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Digital Thermometer


Digital Thermometer Model YC-8XX

Multi-Function K/J/E/T Type

Excellent Quality.

High Level of Accuracy.


Easy to Operate. Economical.



  1. Dual Display (LCD 18.2 mm).
  2. Resolution: 0.1 °C/0.1 °F (below 1000 C).
  3. Function: Switchable °C/°F, MAX, MIN, HOLD REL, MEM, LIMIT, HI/LO, TYPE, TI-T2 , RS232 interface.
  4. MEM – can save up to 10 data points.
  5. Auto Power OFF.
  6. Low Battery Indication.
  7. RS-232 Interface with Windows software.
  8. CE-Mark Approval. Conform to ITS-90.
Digital Thermometer


•General Specifications

Thermocouple Measurement RangeK-Type: -200°C~1372°C (-328°F~2501°F) J-Type: -210°C~1200°C (-346°F~2192°F) T-Type: -250°C~400°C (-418°F~752°F)E-Type: -210°C~1000°C (-346°F~1832°F)
Accuracy (at 23ºC)±0.1% Reading +0.7°C(±0.1% Reading +1.4)°F
Operating Temperature and Humidity0°C~80°C: 0~80%RH
Storage Temperature and Humidity-10°C~60°C: 0-80%RH
Power RequirementR03(AB) / Size AAA / 1.5V / UM-4 X 4PCS.
Input Protection at Thermocouple InputAC/DC 24Vrms.
WeightApprox. 350g.

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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