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ONECREST is the sales and marketing partner of Gram-Cal Electric Heater Industries, a leading manufacturer of industrial heating elements, RTDs and thermocouple sensors in the Philippines. Established in 2009, ONECREST provides a comprehensive product portfolio to anticipate the heating needs of our clients.ONECREST is the Philippine distributor of Linking Tech Electronic Co., Ltd, a Taiwan-based company specializing in automated control and industrial sensor products.



Gramcal Electric Heater Industries

Established in 1993,  Gramcal Electric Heater Industries takes pride in its 17 years of experience in the field of electric heater, RTD and thermocouple manufacturing in the Philippines. Its industrial grade electric heater product line consists of cartridge heaters, mica band heaters, ceramic band heaters , mica strip heaters, ceramic strip heaters, screw plug immersion heaters, flanged immersion heaters, nozzle band heaters, coil heaters, flat heaters, tubular heaters, finned-type tubular heaters and roller heaters